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SamSeb Kierkegaard
SamSeb Kierkegaard

SamSeb Kierkegaard – Luna: The Invisible Irony | A fantasy rock opera – Chapter 1

‘As I played Luna: The Invisible Irony’ by SamSeb Kierkegaard this afternoon, I felt an unironic sense of peace. I was wearing a faded My Chemical Romance t-shirt. And somewhere in my closet is an unframed literature degree collecting cat hairs. Needless to say, I was very intrigued, and very invested. SamSeb Kierkegaard had to have roots in philosophy with that name of his. Moreover, he had to have a lot of confidence to adopt it. After all, those are giant shoes to fill. And I am relieved to report that it was nowhere near a flop. For if it were, my broken heart would have never recovered.

Opening with a spirited drum solo, the song Luna: The Invisible Irony is an immediate reminder of the emo scene. Further, the cinematic soundscapes are plenty — transporting you to the alternate fantasy world. The evils of uncertainty attack our hero in this parallel universe. Similarly, somewhere in those riveting guitar riffs is the moon-lit heroine of our epic saga. Most importantly, in between the unworded is the fear, and the fruition of human existence.

The creator of this is Samuel Lee, with his unmistakable stage name after Soren Kierkegaard. Additionally, the Gen-Z β€˜cringe-king’ holds a philosophy degree, and has an obvious affection for existentialism. This calls for a fist bump, but we like our distance. Combine this ideology with the legendary punk and grunge influences from the 90s and 2000s, and you’ve got the sound that is associated with this young and very promising artist. With a dreamy, emotional sensibility, SamSeb’s music is personal yet relatable. And in his own words, β€˜Only in darkness and despair, do we see the splendor of Light.’

Listen to SamSeb Kierkegaard – Luna: The Invisible Irony:

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