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Yannick Mirko-I'd rather be in space
Yannick Mirko-I'd rather be in space
Yannick Mirko-I'd rather be in space

Yannick Mirko-I’d rather be in space | In limbo

Yannick Mirko doesn’t understand the world and it’s ways, like all of us. Random or consequential, there’s no knowing for sure. Devoting their time to art, they have created a treasure trove of experiments, writings, explorations and trains of thought for us to meditate on. This is their single, I’d rather be in space.

Anywhere but here, is what this song could be encapsulated as. It is dire, the circumstance within the song, obviously reflecting a reality. Yannick Mirko merges the layers of the recalling sound of an ECG machine with their beautiful instrumental. Diagnosed with a disease that doctors don’t seem to understand, each piece of art we get is an aspect of their consciousness. In this case, it is a meditation through the gentle steps of the piano. The construct of space is something we understand only through images and film. A void devoid of time, air and meaning, till we assign something to it. The piano piece revolves around this massive nothing, the descending arrangement incurring more melancholy than joy.

Perhaps, we assume more than we should, for things we can’t control. Yannick Mirko has artfully captured what a state of suspended being might be like. Their story is unlike any other, yet there are so many that share their story. We lie to each other that we have progressed more than ever, while observing the horrific behaviour and steely eyes people look at each other with. Any place would be better than here, and Yannick’s track captures that dilemma without the words we would never have.

To know more about this fantastic artist, go to yannickmirko.com. Listen to their track here:

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