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Stephen Lind – Lovers’ Roulette |

Stephen Lind is a pop artist who’s a star in Panama he is based in Los Angeles, CA where he writes and records his tracks. Stephen found his love for singing at a very tender age and he hasn’t looked back since. Growing up in Arizona, it wasn’t always easy for this young gay pop-star, he found his way to express himself through music. He is known for his profound vocal range that enchants the audience. His tracks strongly portrays his true unfiltered self that most of us are afraid to project.

I came across this amazing artist through his latest release which is named ‘Lovers’ Roulette’. This is one of those tracks that you would love to play on a long drive and sing along with the catchy lyrics. The track has some exquisite musical elements that will surely blow your mind. This is a track that can make you addicted to it’s rhythm making you beg for more. This track has acted as a gateway drug for me and I haven’t been able to resist the urge to open up Spotify and play tracks by Stephen Lind. This is surely a track that is going to stay in my personal playlist for a long long time. Do give this track a go and trust me you wouldn’t regret it.

This is a highly recommended track for anyone who likes to listen to Pop-music. You can catch a little glimpse of thius amazing track, ‘Lovers’ Roulette’ by Stephen Lind here-

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