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Crabitat – Ounce of Rhymes | Takeover

Crabitat is an Australia-based rapper/hip-hop artist who is known for his quirky references and his old-school flow. The artist is pretty good at putting emotions into words making each of his songs a project from his heart. He made his debut with the song ‘Hermit Crabz’ which is one of the best rap debuts I’ve heard. He raps in his native Australian accent breaking all the barriers of stereotypes among the masses. Powerful lyrics and old-school music make Crabitat whole.

The latest release by Crabitat is ‘Ounce of Rhymes’, an album with 14 bangers. The album is a piece of art and a gem to the people who love and cherish old-school hip hop. The album is a bag of on-point metaphors and intricate flows. Each song is an inseparable part of the masterpiece, ‘Ounce of Rhymes’.

“This is an upcoming star we are dealing with.”

The album starts off with ‘Crab Rappers’ which is one of the best most powerful songs of the album and a great way to start the album. The song has screeches and smooth lyrics, just what any old-school hip-hop lover craves.

The pair of the next two songs are the best combination of heavy musicality and meaningful lyrics. The siren chops in the second song gets you in a groove. The third song ‘Bookie’ is my personal favorite. The music is bassy and bouncy. This song contains some untold yet most necessary messages.

The next three songs, ‘Wonderlust’, ‘Write About Dat’, and ‘Egg Walk on Tokyo’ act as a bridge to the album. The flows throughout these songs have massive switches. The music and the rap rap combined perfectly making the bridge even saucier.

The next song, ‘What’cha Want’ is a proper club banger. High on lyrics and music, the song is undoubtedly one of the best on the album. You will bang your head throughout the song.

The next track is an interlude that is oddly funny. This is one of the best rap battles over a call. Crabitat surely bodies the caller in the first few bars itself. The person who calls Crabitat breaks is flow making him the undoubted winner.

Next two songs, ‘The List is Long’ and ‘Lawnmoverman’ is the topmost of the curve of the album. Both these songs have some clever wordplays and some kick-ass musical elements that will make your ears crave for more.

The twelfth song is ‘Intergalactic Boom Station’. The song has some great melodies. The structure of the song is perfectly balanced. The high use of poetic devices throughout this song makes this one special.

The next two songs are the outro of the album yet heavily powered. I really love how he ended the album with so much energy. The last song has a few melodious parts which make it a perfect wrap for the album. The album is wholesome and surely gives you some amazing tracks for your playlist if you’re into old-school hip hop.

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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