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EKKAONE crafts an electronic wonderland with “Pamplemousse/Tsuna”

EKKAONE is able to create musical landscapes like no other. There is a scrolling, important aspect of melody that dominates the song. Layered in with beats and delicious flourishes, each song will transport you into a dimension between lo-fi and EDM. This is his double A side release, Pamplemousse/Tsuna.

The soothing, well crafted opening is the invitation into the cave. There is a wide range of stylistic palette elements that you encounter. It is like an initiation into his sound style, a signature that is so uniquely his. Whether it is the breaks or pauses, each element has been tested before changing the atmosphere. Though a 2 chord change dominates the sound space, you delve into smaller lead elements that rear their head. This keeps the track an engaging and spectacular affair to experience. The production and balance on the track is immaculate as well, the synth changes melting into the background. Piano leads with digital prompts make this a house track in many smaller ways as well. EKKAONE doesn’t need to dwell on one melody for long. We premier Tsuna. 

One void to another

Having an R&B/Jazz spill, the beats echo-especially the bass. It creates this absorbent atmosphere that punctuates itself with the vocal hook. Much shorter, it creates a mystical air, while really grasping on to the warm, lo-fi elements as well. Though it punches in through the mystical umbrella, the song goes on to become a total vibe of soothing symphony. 

EKKAONE and his 2022 single called The Ground is Lava pushed him into the stratosphere of the electronic music. His choice of tools and hence the sound has been especially vast, yet whittled down to a few highlight elements. He can really pause and play the atmosphere with just these addictive hooks and melodies. Though a loop warms the background, he works on the foreground’s essence as well. This is a digital artist that deserves way more recognition for understanding the audio space and spatial signatures. Listen to his music and follow him for more electronic eclecticism!

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