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Neon Fields – Meant to Be | Massive Sound Palette

Neon Fields, a South-West UK-based trio, has recently released “Meant to Be,” a stunning sounding electronic rock song. Ed Barrett on vocals, Luke Russe on drums, and Piers Ward on guitars/keys created the band in 2020. The song raises a lot of questions about the existence a love relationship that is going through a hard patch. In the connection, there is a sense of emotional collapse. The lyrics are kept simple so that we can fully interact with the music right away. Furthermore, Ed Barrett’s vocal performance is fantastic, which quickly sets the ambiance when the reverbs and delays are properly poured into the mix. The voice fits the setting perfectly, and each layer above blends in effortlessly with the magnificent sounding atmosphere.

The songs have such a lovely arc. The song begins softly, with the vocals drawing us in, then gradually, the percussion and synth layers add to the ambiance, which really adds a lot of velocity to the production. There are subtle vocal productions that silently add considerably to the soundscape’s aesthetic. With the addition of rhythmic intensity in the synthesisers, the soundscape eventually sounds big and vast, and the palette is made more attractive and weighty with the inclusion of the arpeggiated synthesiser tone. The atmosphere is essentially working well for the song, and I am confident that listeners will find the sound highly enticing and will allow them to thoroughly immerse themselves in the song’s setting.

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