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Aryan Kapoor – Plastichrtz | Dreamy Drill

Aryan Kapoor is a Dubai/LA-based artist who was born in India. Fusing different genres with hip hop, Kapoor uses catchy and exquisite choruses with fun wordplay and punchline-heavy verses to craft tracks that sound like no one else. Aryan Kapoor is known for his innovative experiments that are a perfect combination of two extremely different genres fused with great magnificence. His flow is fresh every single time and very innovative in each song showing off his versatility in each and every song .

His latest release is ‘Plastichrtz’ which is one the most astonishing hip-hop songs I’ve heard in a while. The song seems like a perfect symphonic coitus of ambient sounds and drill. There are a few EDM-like buildups and drops which are beautifully complimented with the smooth vocals which make the track even more special. The flows are so perfectly structured that they gave me goosebumps. The song is perfectly balanced with melodies that make you glide and rap parts that make you skid through the song. The way Aryan plays with the musical elements is enchanting. The element selection is perfect and the loops are very carefully designed to induce the most impact. This is one of Aryan’s best works and my personal favorite. The lyrics are catchy and yet so powerful. The pace of the song is perfectly set and makes your mind melt every single time. The drum loops are groovy, especially the hi-hat loop.

Give ‘Plastichrtz’ a listen if you like to listen to some experimental hip-hop.

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