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Lords of Dust-Blood on the Skulls
Lords of Dust-Blood on the Skulls
Lords of Dust-Blood on the Skulls

Lords of Dust reign in the sludge with their single, “Blood on the Skulls”

Lords of Dust make you realize how long it’s been since good stoner rock. They aren’t in some desperate need to change the game. They’re just bringing the right players back in. With the overdrive knob broken and sludge capacity maximized, they release their latest single, Blood on the Skulls. This is from their latest EP, Kickin Dust Up. 

The last time I heard some good stoner rock was yesterday. I was doing a Kyuss marathon. That’s how far behind you have to go for the love of tone. Lords of Dust remind me that the indie scene loads up on the grime, especially them. From the vocals to the hair singeing riff, you’re ready for what has to come. The opening has the darkness of a thrash song, yet builds like a Slayer opener. You find yourself singing, waiting for that furious release of anger a tone like this should bring. It is a superb rocker, a banger through and through. It is great that this is their penultimate track from the EP, for it just shows what their collection carries. The mettle. The mantle. The pride and gruff core you need.

The SoCal gentlemen aren’t going to rest so soon. This might be one of their first collections, but listen to any single to know what they can do. Lords of Dust claimed the throne fair and square. No one dared to walk up to it like they did. Having a well crafted, original sound, there’s no telling what they’ll bring next. Listen to their single here:

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