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Gunslingers-Green Acres Motel
Gunslingers-Green Acres Motel
Gunslingers-Green Acres Motel

Gunslingers create a country inspired crystal with their EP, “Green Acres Motel”.

Gunslingers are an enigma that have been born into this world of music. Their well crafted songs have to be experienced as a tale. Making sure they release it to not lose cohesiveness, they are out with their debut EP. This is their country delight collection, Green Acres Motel.

The opening track has the grit and dust the opening requires. How to Sleep is an enthralling stimulus for fingerstyle guitar fans. The vocals are haunting, yet have a guiding melody to them. Harmonics make it seem like a multi-textured, multi-level track. It is a brilliant way of showcasing your style to the world. The emotions continue to flow with Happy Hunting. The duality is accented with the beautiful steel guitar. Offset by the duet of the male and female vocals, you feel completely dialled in to the song. It is like a story you can’t put down till you know the end of it. 

Step Up showcases their raw and real way of recording. All of these sound like single takes, like how a live musician troupe would record their music. In this way, you get to hear the details, scratches and chord changes as well. Gunslingers bring their delicate instrumentation to Old Friend as well. If it is reminiscing they are recreating, the melody is moulded appropriately. There is a melancholy of memory-stories getting remembered with a smile as well. As we reach Winking, it is easy to appreciate the poetry involved behind the music as well. It is extremely well-thought-out, and arranged with feel. The flirting, love and attraction is felt through the compositions, like true musicians. 

Weaving a tale

Gloryland has a folk song aesthetic. It begins with the song, the vocals and lyrics setting the foundation. As the ambient sound is absorbed, you listen to every word with intent. Gunslingers create an anthemic closing to what is a very well woven EP. It has emotions from all parts of the spectrum, the sorrow, happiness, eclectic energy and alchemic cries. As the heartbeat sound becomes more evident, the ambience takes over to create the dramatic confluence of scene and song. It is a throbbing, pulsating effort to create something so uniquely theirs. 

Within song and album effect, Gunslingers have pushed for something that is cinematic in the approach. Sure, it is music to be felt and heard from all spheres. In this case, you’re as invested as a crime podcast. We can’t wait for their new music that will search other realms. Listen to their music and follow them here:

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