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Lord King Kassanova VII – CRYPTO | Confident

Known as The Godfather of the secret society moBB, veteran rapper Lord King Kassanova VII has been making waves in the hip-hop/rap scene for a few years now. After the successful release of his 2021 single “Breakfast for Champion”, the artist is now back with his first single of the year titled, “CRYPTO”. He started rapping at the age of 10 and was playing instruments like the viola, trombone and trumpet by 11. Lord King Kassanova VII has always been into composing, engineering and mixing from a very young age. His unique production style can be well-appreciated in his latest single that showcases his natural rap style over hard-hitting beats.

The track begins with a flipped trumpet sample that introduces a simple beat along with deep low bass. Lord King Kassanova VII performs a tight verse right from the start; there’s something very satisfying about his melodies. With a catchy hook and an addictive beat to keep the track going, the rapper sure knows how to keep his listeners hooked! His confident vocal delivery style translates the intricate lyricism well; a solid performance!

Lord King Kassanova VII shares his life experiences as well-crafted stories through his music. To stay afloat, the rapper had to resort to illegal activities and he achieved massive success. Afterwards, he decided to share the experiences and ideologies that got him to where he is with his raps. With over 1 million streams on Spotify, the artist sure is making a name for himself in the rap scene and I’m sure the fans are eager to hear more from him soon!

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