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TruckerBomb – Break My Heart | Rocky Country

Troy Richardson developed his musical pallet from his life experiences and memories. His sound is inspired by the rolling hills and quiet days of South Dakota’s country and his time playing for rock bands. Drenching his music with the 70s country melody and the southern rock of the 80s, Richardson founded TruckerBomb to bridge alt-country and Americana with alternative and hard rock. Break My Heart by TruckerBomb fantastically envelopes you in its country-rock musical melodies.

The song sails along the soothing waves of guitar rhythms and melodies. The artist’s vocals has a glorious husky texture to it. The song sports conversational lyrics and a confessional tone. The baritone vocals are infused with deep emotions that convey the pain of being left behind by the love of your life.

The guitar melodies embellish and color the stirring pot of tumultuous emotions contained in the song. We embark on a musical journey littered with protagonist’s memories. Bereft of hope, the song is the protagonist’s dark lament. The guitar melody glistens like a black diamond, twinkling with shades of nostalgia, resignation and a quiet sadness.

We see a soulful guitar arc in the bridge that delves into the landscape of the protagonist’s pain. The molten guitar shredding erupts from a weeping volcano, a continuous spurt of vulnerability and raw honesty.

The song’s vocals and guitar chords carry a country flavor, breezy and soulful; calming like a folksong. But the artist charmingly blends this airy country design with elements of grounding and groveling rock themes. The lament of the protagonist instantly feels personal evokes a deep empathy in the listener.

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Break My Heart – Trucker Bomb

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