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Hush Bewlay - I'm A Stranger Here Myself
Hush Bewlay - I'm A Stranger Here Myself

Hush Bewlay – I’m A Stranger Here Myself | The Alien Inside Us

Bewlay is a musician from Los Angeles, California. I’m A Stranger Here Myself by Hush Bewlay is the artist’s EP. Consisting of four beautiful compositions, the artist employs enchanting synth works and beat cycles to explore the landscapes contained within us.

Stranger starts off the album with an urgent beat and spiraling synths. The artist’s baritone vocals cruises through the song’s melody; grounding the dancing synth cycles. We also see female soprano harmonies periodically that lend the song a neon dance energy. With an electronic tempo, the song is populated with inky synths lined with loneliness and absurdity.

Every Living Thing Adores You sports a fun tempo – quick and catchy. A sharp contrast to the opening track, the song carries an overwhelming optimism, streaming through the melody. With shining synth melodies, the song doses the brain with rivulets of hope and glowing happiness. An instant mood changer, we see honey velvet synth cycles in the bridge that drenches you quiet peace and happiness. The song encapsulates the feeling of being in love on a warm summer day.

With bouncing electro-synths coating tense beat grooves, Emulator crawls all over your skull. The artist’s baritone vocals creates deep trenches where the melodies lodge themselves in. The dark synth harmonies are relentless in their mystery, reflecting each other as if trapped in a kaleidoscope. Using musical layers, the artist’s chaotic style is expansive; stretching across the landscape of the song. The vocals glide along the range of melodies and color it with a smoky texture.

The Cathedral Swings is the final song of the album. Employing cymbal percussion and rippling ethereal synths, the song reminds you of a white water river, rushing to keep up with a current. We also hear bass cello synths that coat the song with its sadness and strangeness. A dissonant melody tangent weaves periodically through the song like a long wave ribbon, swishing and quivering.

The outro of the song carries a beautiful high frequency flute like synth that has a quaintness of old paintings, parchment letters, brass bells and old churches. With bells tolling, the song comes to unclimactic end; leaving behind a feeling of incompleteness. Unfelt emotions, unsaid words, premature goodbyes and unfinished stories.

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