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Dozenz-Chasing Tigers
Dozenz-Chasing Tigers
Dozenz-Chasing Tigers

Dozenz-Chasing Tigers (ft. J. Fitz) | Surreal dreams

Dozenz is the new wave of inspiration you need to seize your day. It is an incredible army of tones, sounds and melodies that this artist leads. No usual sequence is applicable, you’re in for a treat every time a song or album is released. As a musician, this diverse flow through genres and sounds is what you’d like to strive for. This single is called Chasing Tigers.

With an easy, pulsating sea of sound, Dozens takes us through this new route in the jungle. If you’re going into the wild, you have to expect the unexpected. With vocal choices that are unique as well as smartly executed, you’re knee-deep in the tides of sound he creates. As the song progresses, the flowing sound of the synth become stronger. There is a chunky drop of the drums, and you’re dropped into this world of textures. In a parallel world, I could totally see Phil Collins take this kind of path. The chorus is a catchy dream, bringing the vocal strength and the instrumental magic together. As you dive into the solo that flavours this song, you’re addicted before you know it. The outro is just as innovative as the opening, and ends the song on an incredible high. 

Dozenz changed his game and upped the level by several miles with his album in 2021 called After the Storm/Chasing the Muse. There is an energy and drive behind these songs that push, inspire and aim to explore and create. You can listen to his incredible style of arranging music and listen to his latest track here:

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