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Lucifers Beard - Shake On The Floor
Lucifers Beard - Shake On The Floor

Lucifers Beard – Shake On The Floor | High Energy

Lucifers Beard is a Rock band based in the United Kingdom. While they play different variations of Rock including Math Rock, Hard Rock and Alternative they have a very powerful sound. The high voltage, high energy music that they create will always keep you going. The band has set their roots in British Rock and creates sounds and intricate arrangements that pay homage to that. The guitars are heavy and absorbing, the vocals, are compelling, and the rhythm section is phenomenal.

Shake On The Floor is their latest single and let me tell you that it is not for the light-hearted. While the band is heavy and daunting, they’re also versatile, dynamic and know how to adjust their tones and rhythm. It takes a crazy amount of time to perfect this and you can tell that these lads have given it their all. The track is so progressive and at the same time reminds me of the old school Brit Rock. The tones are som complementary and at the same time autonomous which is odd but works so well here.

These lads have created a track to headbang to, get angry to, lose your head off to and so much more. Really, you’re only limited to your imagination on this one. Moreover, I can totally see myself going ham on this track if I was still an angsty teen. It, certainly, will help you get through the tough moments and so much more.

If I were in the UK, I’d try and catch these lads live sometime. The music is so powerful, pumped and energetic. Any rock fans who enjoy the harder stuff will be up for this. Lucifers Beard are a band with so much to offer and an extensive discography to back it.

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