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Migs- In-Between | Sensational Pop

Migs, who relocated to London in 2014 from Lisbon, Portugal, draws inspiration from his adaptability to blend in with the city’s fast-paced culture, where he discovered freedom. It could be the tale of any youngster who has migrated overseas and strived to create the life they had dreamed of for themselves. Furthermore, the difficulties of managing the two diverse cultures of Lisbon and London impact Migs’ artistic vision. Migs began his career as a designer for music prizes like the Mercury Prize and the BRIT Awards out of a passion for music. He has finally started to pursue a career in the music industry thanks to his proximity to other musicians. The What Did You Expect EP by Migs was released in 2021.

In collaboration with Cat Santanna, Migs has released a new song titled ‘In-Between.’ There isn’t a single second in the song where you will get bored because it is so distinct. The song’s bassline is introduced only a few seconds in, further enhancing its brilliance. ‘In-between,’ a piece that unfolds into a rich dream-pop ambiance, tells the story of being young and finding love. ‘In-between’ opens with a lovely escalating rhythm and has beautiful vocals and intense lyrics. Even the most minor details give such great layers to the music, which Cat Santanna has accomplished with her soundscape. Migs takes you on a journey through a serotonin-fueled paradise. His voice goes through so many variations, making it seem so smooth and easy, proving his prowess yet again. I would love to listen to the song in my car, on the way home from work, or on a rainy day when I am feeling down. ‘In-Between’ is also a great listen if you want to get back into the groove of your life after a tough week. Definitely, a must-add to your weekend or perhaps everyday playlist!

We had the opportunity to interview Migs and Cat. Read on to know more.

1.      Hi Migs, Congratulations on the release of your new song,
“In-Between.” Very unique and surreal music leads the song. Can you
tell us how you came up with such an incredible soundscape? Any
influence, in particular, you would want to mention?

A: Migs: Hello! Thank you so much and thanks for giving us this feature. It is interesting and most of the sonic decisions were made by Cat, my producer. I made the demo of the song and sent it to Cat, she loved it and asked if she could reproduce it and be a feature on the song. I said absolutely! We knew we had a common taste for synth pop from for e.g. The Weeknd, 070 Shake. But I’ll let you have Cat’s input on this question!

Cat: This is absolutely correct! We both like a lot of the same artists and share songs with each other and I think, while composing the song, I probably had these in the back of my head. 

2.      Could you describe the song’s theme and conceptual underpinnings
for our readers?

A: Migs: The theme is really quite simple. I wrote the lyrics in a short space of time with a little guitar loop and the time just revolved around the first time I accepted my sexuality and surrendered to that feeling. I felt so liberated and so free! I would say it’s quite a nostalgic song and maybe relatable to a few people. It also addresses break-ups. You know when you’re so young and when you break-up with your partner you feel like the world is ending? A little bit like that, it’s so dramatic. I wanted it to sound equally dramatic sonically and Cat did just an amazing job.

Cat: I think Migs did a really great job of capturing a lot of feelings that resonated with me as well, that’s when I realised the song had a lot of potential. I also feel that the melody really evokes the right emotions and complements the lyrics perfectly. 

3.      How was your collaboration with Cat Santanna? Do you have a
favorite memory you’d like to share?

A: Migs: Oh it’s just so much fun all around. The favourite memories are by far messing around in the studio. We make it a safe space to really let our ideas come out, there are no rules. We have a few songs on the go but on this particular one I still remember her frustration on trying to find the right drum samples for each of the sections, such a perfectionist! I insisted it was all good but she wouldn’t let it go ahah

Cat: (laughs ) I just think it’s such a beautiful song, I had to make the best instrumental possible!

4.      How did you get into the music world? Was it always your ultimate focus?

A: Migs: Not at all! I started making music in 2019 when covid reached London and we got locked inside. I knew I loved music since I remember. Always obsessed about productions, understanding the songs I listened to, trying to deconstruct them, etc. But I never really tried pursuing it until there was nothing else to do.

Cat: I have actually been making music for a really long time haha. I started by playing guitar and was immediately hooked to anything music related. Production is my passion though. 

5.      Who do you consider has influenced your music the most?

A: Migs: I honestly don’t know. I listened to loads of different genres growing up because of my parents. Music like Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac, Sade, Elton John, Sting, etc. I think those have and still influence me the most. I wouldn’t be able to name one person as an influence aha

Cat: I have to say that I am the same. Quite frankly, the more I learn about music, the more my music taste keeps changing and I learn to enjoy different genres and artists, I couldn’t pinpoint one single artist that has influenced me. 

6.      What has been your biggest accomplishment to date?

A: Migs: Just being able to move to London, work in music events (I worked on the BRITs and the Mercury Prize a few times), and of course releasing music myself. I’m happy to be able to say I really enjoy what I do.

Cat: I am proud of all that I’ve learned throughout the years and how well I was able to adapt. When I started there was not the amount of information that there is now and I am happy that I keep going, even after all these years. 

7.       What will you be presenting to us next?

A: Migs: I am now working on a set for a gig I’m playing in Dalson in September (would love you to come!). After that I’ve been working with Cat and our friend Steve Malcomson on a few tracks. They might come out soon!

Cat: I am currently preparing some songs with Migs, and some of my own. It might be the first time I actually sing on my own records (laughs) Will see!

Well, that was a fun interview!

Enjoy listening to In-Between here.

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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