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Karen Harding-I Heard Somebody Talking
Karen Harding-I Heard Somebody Talking
Karen Harding-I Heard Somebody Talking

Karen Harding-I Heard Somebody Talking | Acoustic Folk

When Marvin Gaye released his seminal work What’s Going On in ’71, the US was going through a conflicted period of war & unemployment. It has been 50 years since that record was released, but the sentiment remains the same.

Melbourne based artist Karen Harding picks her weapon of choice- ivory in this case to create a song-I Heard Somebody Talking, that echoes that same feeling. Opening with simple piano chords accompanied with strings, Harding opens with “I heard somebody talking…” which translates to being a witness while change goes on around you.

Relying plainly on a 4/4 groove, a string and piano section, Harding delivers pure poetry in melodic harmony as she attempts to serenade that feeling once again. Reflecting the pure chaos that we are witnessing around us, Harding manages to break it down to a conversation. What will you do, when your fight for freedom is done? asks Karen, asking an important question that might not have an answer just yet.

In an age where superficial lyrics can cloud a weary beat and veil reality, I Heard Somebody Talking asks the right questions- in a Phil Collins song scenario. There might be many musical influences, yet the Alicia Keys voice and artful piano work make this song worth listening to on repeat.

I must stress, you can hear this song many times, but if you listen it might take a while. A while where you might feel despondent- because it is natural to have that feeling. Fear is primal, and there must be change to reflect progress.

With the vocal airiness of Sarah McLaughlin, Harding manages to ask questions that are substantial. Her voice may echo joy but it translates to hold on to a feeling that is fleeting. I am confident that a change is going to come. How do I know? I heard somebody talking.

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