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Daay - Top Heavy
Daay - Top Heavy
Daay - Top Heavy

Daay’s Latest Single Top Heavy Is a Brilliant Composition That Makes You Dig Experimental Music

If you are looking out for some intriguing sonic explorations through a fresh and new kind of soundscape, the latest single by Daay, Top Heavy is the song where your search ends. Daay is a band whose members hail from the southern parts of London, United Kingdom and they compose some terrific music that the listeners instantly fall in love with. Their uniqueness lies in the varied range of influences that comprise genres such as rock, jazz and psychedelic. Now when an amalgamation of such varied influences come together, all that you can expect is none other than some face melting musical artistry which is exactly what the songs of this band offer.

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Lose yourself in a world of psychedelic soundscape!

Top Heavy, Daay’s latest single is a track that involves a wide range of sonic elements that keep the listeners hooked in a world of different sounds. The song starts off with a straight drum part alongside some live triggers adding sonic colours to the backdrop that set the vibe almost immediately and almost every second of this song sounds mysterious as you keep thinking what’s next to come. Additionally there are tasteful saxophone lines that come about every now and then, thereby contributing to the depth of the soundscape even more. Apart from the numerous interesting musical elements, what stands out even more are the vocals as they fit the rawness of the composition almost entirely.

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There are many more intricate surprises that the listeners will be in for. So, hurry up and check out Daay’s Top Heavy to treat your ears to some brilliant music, and you can listen to this song here:

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