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Kristina Lachaga’s Uplifting Folk-Pop Anthem ‘Love You More’ Radiates Joy

New York-based singer-songwriter Kristina Lachaga has returned with her latest single, ‘Love You More,’ and it’s a delightful breath of fresh air. Known for her great singing and acoustic guitar skills, Lachaga brings uplifting vibes and infectious energy to this well-produced and beautifully arranged track.

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‘Love You More’ is a song that writes itself, with a theme centered around love that grows day by day. Lachaga’s sweet and tender folk-pop style shines through, creating a wondrous atmosphere that captivates listeners from start to finish.

The song begins with a simple composition, allowing Lachaga’s vocals to take center stage. As the verse unfolds, a calm kick drum and vibrant shaker drive the momentum, while the melody becomes catchier, and the lyrics shower a beloved individual with heartfelt compliments and praise. The chorus, delivered with great passion, reinforces the song’s uplifting message. One of the standout moments in ‘Love You More’ is the middle section, where Lachaga introduces a new melody and emotional tone. The shift adds a dreamy and whimsical element to the song, enhancing the overall narrative of a love story.

Lachaga’s decision to incorporate fingerpicking on the acoustic guitar adds a beautiful texture to the track, elevating it to new heights. The production elements are top-notch, and the song’s well-crafted arrangement reflects Lachaga’s artistic vision perfectly.

After a two-year hiatus, Lachaga’s return with ‘Love You More’ feels refreshing and exciting. This single sets the tone for her future releases, promising the unexpected from this talented artist. With her positive and uplifting approach, Kristina Lachaga continues to inspire and spread joy through her music, making ‘Love You More’ a must-listen for anyone in need of a pick-me-up.

We get to talk to her about the song.

1. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest single, ‘Love You More’?

Love You More is inspired by love, early mornings, the lightness and beauty that love can bring, bright sun coming through a window, someone you love, and the positive presence they have in your life. 

2. How did the songwriting process for ‘Love You More’ unfold? Did it come together quickly, or did it evolve over time?

It truly came together quickly at first, then evolved (slowly) over time, and then entered a major waiting game. Once I had the idea for Love You More, we had the song “done” (written and recorded) in 3 days. But this was back in…2016! I kept coming back to Love You More, revisiting it to make small changes and adjustments (adding light percussion), and performing it, so I knew I would eventually release it. I just didn’t feel the timing was right, until now. 

3. ‘Love You More’ is uplifting and inspirational. Did you target these emotions while aiming to evoke them with this song?

Yes, I did. I wanted to evoke a different mood than I’ve ever incorporated before. Love You More is the first “romantic” song I’ve ever released. My other releases have had themes of heartbreak, heartache, friendship, etc., but never love. I hope when listeners think of love they’ll think of the feeling they get when they listen to Love You More.

4. You mentioned that the song started as a voicenote on your phone and grew from there. Would you elaborate on the creative journey and how the song evolved into its final form?

Yes! Love You More started as a one-take voicenote on my phone after getting the song idea in the shower (so you have to hold the idea in your mind for a while! haha). From the original voicenote, we made very few lyric and melody changes. Love You More is pretty close to what I originally recorded as an idea on my phone. When that happens, songwriting feels easy and like magic. 

5. The acoustic guitar and other production elements are top notch. Can you share more about the decision to incorporate this arrangement and production and how it enhanced your vision of the song?

It was actually my producer and co-writer Rich’s idea to have the fingerpicking on the guitar! When I recorded the voicenote for Love You More, I set up a session with him to work on two songs. He put the chords to both songs and worked with me on the arrangement a little bit. I don’t think Love You More would be the same song without the fingerpicking guitar! It truly makes the song and took it into a totally different space for my music. 

6. ‘Love You More’ is in the folk pop feel space. Could you talk about the stylistic choices you made for this track and how they reflect your artistic vision?

People in the industry have described Love You More as whimsical, sweet, dreamy.

I wanted to capture that in addition to pure love and happiness in both the track and the visuals that accompany Love You More (music video coming super soon!). Rich recorded using my Dad’s Lowden guitar (a beautiful sounding guitar – the company is based in Northern Ireland). I love how that guitar sounds. We wanted to keep the production simple, and believe it or not, we have an even more stripped down version that I’ll be releasing as well. To finish the song, I was lucky enough to have Nathan Dantzler of The Hit Lab in Nashville master Love You More. When I heard his work on Niall Horan’s Flicker album back in 2017, I knew he had to master it. That was really exciting for me!

7. The middle section of ‘Love You More’ introduces different emotional tones to the song. What was the intention behind this shift and how does it contribute to the overall narrative of the track?

I think this is actually my favorite part of the whole song. It helps to add to the idea of a “love story.” It’s dreamy and takes the song in a different direction for a moment. 

8. After a two-year break from releasing new material, how does it feel to return with ‘Love You More’? What can fans expect from your upcoming projects and how does this single set the tone for your future releases?

It feels amazing and fresh. The music industry has changed and shifted a lot since I originally wrote Love You More. I’m glad I waited to release it. I think there is a mainstream space for it now, which is exciting. When I first wrote Love You More, I didn’t feel that way because it was so different from anything on the radio. The power of streaming and TikTok, Reels, and Shorts has really created more space (yet competition) for indie artists. I’m excited to explore that and to see where Love You More takes me. As far as the tone for my future releases? I think Love You More sets the tone to expect the unexpected (from me). 

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