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The Marsh Family - See Your Face Again
The Marsh Family - See Your Face Again

The Marsh Family Delivers Life Soaked Reflections on Loss in “See Your Face Again”

The Marsh Family is back with their latest single, See Your Face Again, featuring the talent of Ali Esmahilzada. Combining their usual brand of uplifting acapella with soft strings and neo classical elements, the track is an all-feeling listening experience. The family is known for propagating the quality of being human through their music. Sometimes, it is to impel people to bridge inequalities in the society and other times, like this one, they reflect on grief, loss, and an unending love of the human heart. Listeners of Great Big World and Luke Frees are sure to enjoy the life-soaked romanticism of this track. Listen Now! 

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The track is made up with gossamer spangles of acoustics, violins, and oozing cellos. It is presented with an endearing softness, live melodies frolicking in a meadow of naturalistic poetry. Highland folk accents and arrangements are used to escalate the emotion of the track. And delivered alongside changing vocal timbres and octave play, it lights with an angelic grace that humbles you profoundly. 

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The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to See Your Face Again by the Marsh Family and Ali Esmahilzada here – 

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