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Cold Soul - Getting Warmer
Cold Soul - Getting Warmer

Cold Soul – Getting Warmer | Growth

Cold Soul is an Indie Rock project by Rachel Nakshian. From Philadelphia, USA, the singer-songwriter crafts intricate and harmonic melodies. Her music showcases a raw, unfiltered sound that keeps you transfixed on the music. The Cold Soul sound is quite reminiscent of soundtracks for shows and movies set in college. Her personalised lyrics inspiration drawn from her own battles with mental health and college gleams through the dreamy atmosphere. Additionally, Nakshian manages to create an atmosphere of airy, and dreaminess, contrasted by her deep, intricate lyrics.

Her latest single, Getting Warmer is an absolute banger. A track that reminds me of artists like The Drums and Beach Fossils, Cold Soul really gets that Indie vibe down right. It’s not just the upbeat, high-frequency tones with a sense of dreaminess, but also Rachel Nakshian’s incredible vocals complementing the dynamic guitars. Every single element on this track is so well-constructed, complementing each other with grace. Moreover, it’s got the kind of vibe that sticks with you long after you’ve listened to it a couple of times. Getting Warmer is the kind of song that gives you main character energy even on those days when you don’t feel it.

Cold Soul is a severely underrated artist, at the moment. If you’re looking for something new to show your friends, this is it. The sheer brilliance that she displays in her execution. Her track seems to pull you in, while simultaneously pushing you away before you get too close. Getting Warmer is sure to catch your friends by surprise with a pleasant, refreshing new artist in the Indie Pop Rock scene.

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