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Seven Layer Piano Cakes – Endgame | Intense

Seven Layer Piano Cakes is founded by Justin Hoyt is a classically trained pianist and vocalist whose work is a throwback to the complexities and sounds of different prior eras with modern flavour. Seven Layer Piano cake is the result of Hoyt’s inspiration to write, perform, and produce music that is a mix of styles, genres, and intricately layered harmonies. He’s also inspired by past musical movements, whether it be from the 60s or 70s when rock was getting to be heavily popularized. The sounds are reminiscent of artists such as The Strokes, Beach House, and Sufjan Stevens. Why would someone name their project after such a long and complicated recipe? The explanation is simple: His compositions are always structured around seventh chords, multiple musical elements, and rich vocals (cakes.)

The recent single “Endgame” is a harrowing look at the difficulties of long-term relationships’ endings and repercussions. The song builds and inhabits its very own sonic realm by seamlessly combining strands of dream pop, synth wave, new wave, and dark pop. The song has an urging undertone that can’t be ignored; you want to keep listening. The track starts dreamy and atmospheric, gaining momentum as it builds. By the time you reach the bridge, its darker style has taken over and the listener’s emotions are completely wrapped up in the music. It’s simply an amazing piece of music that breaks down the barriers between genres and creates something entirely new.

Enjoy listening to Endgame here.

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