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Samtrackz-Win | Mark the words

Samtrackz specialises in creating powerful lyrics and top-notch production. Focusing on all aspects of the song himself, he has a unique blend of the sound along with important parts of the sonic intensity he desires. His latest single is called Win.

For someone whose aims are so crystal clear, Win should have been further up in Samtrackz catalogue. With creative modulation in sound and background, Samtrackz strips the track bare. The beat is king, while Samtracks raps and sings the lyrics to the song to the top. Derivative of Rihanna’s Work, Samtrackz creates a smooth flow as the background that is prepared part by synths and part energetic sound.

His songs are usually double syllable tracks at the most- a title to be. He doesn’t elaborate, lets the song do the talking in most cases. Win is no different, this is his production work coming to a refined finish and detailed to the T he wants to see. His song Coffee from 2021 has been garnering steady streams, and Win will be no different. Orchestrating his own progress might never feel this good, knowing that he is the polymath that leans to perfection.

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