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Skar de Line – Reset | Intense and Thrilling 
Skar de Line – Reset | Intense and Thrilling 

Skar de Line – Reset | Intense and Thrilling 

Skar de Line is an ardent musician who was born and raised in Sweden. He is currently based in London, England. Skar de Line is a solo project of Oskar Abrahamsson, a singer/songwriter. Oskar is fascinated by the sleek cinematic soundtracks which he fuses with hip-hop and electronic metal to create a dark and sort of eerie music. Skar de line is a very interesting project, the unique approach to the fusion of two different genres takes the listener on an adventure. 

Oskar Abrahammson is very passionate about his music and the amazing artistic approach to his songs is impeccable. The lyrics to his songs have a meaning and seems like he is asking more questions than seeking answers.  

His new single is the exact representation of his cinematic magic. “Reset” is the fourth single Skar de Line has released. The song, right from the intro is a rollercoaster ride. It starts with some sound effects of what seems like a person breathing. This is followed by a fast-paced percussion that builds the intensity of the song. Giving the dark horror vibes, the deep vocals of Oskar Abrahamsson are adding to the intensity of the song. After the chorus, the magic of cinematic music appears in different leads pattern of various synth sounds. Remember the breathing sound effect from the intro, it continues throughout the whole song building up the thrill till the last verse of the song. There is a surprise at the end of the song that you don’t want to miss out on. 

So go on and stream Reset by Skar de Line. It is a masterpiece and full of thrill and excitement. 

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