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Suchii – Pit A Pat | Groovy

Suchii very lately got into music, perhaps a year ago. Suchii is a US- based artist who graduated college in 2020 and took a corporate job with Goldman Sachs where he worked with software developers and testing engineers. This required him to relocate to Salt Lake City in 2021, but after only taking on this position for a few months, he decided to leave it in order to pursue his musical interests; something that had been his passion since childhood. He’s presently working on his piano skills, having grown up performing in a Baptist church and learning to play the saxophone as a child.

‘Pit a Pat,’ his debut single is a fun, enthralling piece of music that captures the very essence of what we often carry within ourselves when we are dealing with exes, moving on from relationships or navigating our future while keeping our past in mind. With lively bass and main guitar notes, listeners are instantly acquainted with what sounds like an outstanding smash tune. We will be able to relate to every word from this piece since it reflected some of our most personal recollections. Suchii’s work, in terms of genres, highlights his roots in Pop, R&B, and Post-Disco, as well as the musical personality he possesses, makes this song an intriguing listen. We eagerly await more of his work!

Enjoy listening to ‘Pit A Pat’ here.

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