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Chris Too Far - Addicted
Chris Too Far - Addicted

Chris Too Far – Addicted

To compare one’s attraction to somebody, christening it an addiction is as direct as confessions come. “Chris Too Far – Addicted” is a venture that aims to accomplish just that. A modern rock sound with well-produced vocals takes the limelight here, with creativity permeating the majority of the song.

Chris seems to recognise that his vocals are his strong suit, and he makes a mark with confident, upfront delivery. He doesn’t miss the mark with respect to vocal style, harmony or dynamics; hitting home runs with each of the areas. A largely melodic part with elements of rap in it, the main story here are the vocals, and so they remain. Overall, there’s fit and polish to the work here.

The rest of the ensemble has a big sound to it and does a good job of supporting the vocals. The percussion choices are bold, with the orchestral percussion particularly standing out as avant-garde choices. They do present a dimension of interest to the song and keep it an interesting listen throughout the duration of the song.

The mix is tight and sounds spacious, well-glued and cohesive. It’s uncommon to find production with this level of polish where there’s not a million-dollar label running the show, but the truth is, you don’t need the chutzpah of a label to put out a good song, and “Chris Too Far – Addicted” does a great job of illustrating just that. Check out the song here-

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