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Oli Morris-Flyer
Oli Morris-Flyer
Oli Morris-Flyer

Oli Morris-Flyer | Jazz for all

The illusory nature of flying through notes is difficult. Not everyone can harness the genius of Miles Davis. There is a pattern, a soul to a song that immediately flips the switch of gravity. Oli Morris is making jazz for everyone, and that’s where he’s creating something unique. This is called Flyer.

His new single uses a simple beat, so as to not throw the listener off. An odd time signature can be intimidating to many, so get rid of that. Oli Morris then proceeds to give us smooth arrangements of saxophone, with R&B influenced guitar in the background, that seems to melt in and out of the foreground. The control and production in this song has as much effort put in as the track itself. If Oli had that conductor’s wand, the regal pose he could set would melt hearts.

From his last release called Bimal in 2021, Flyer is four and a half minutes of a relaxant. It doesn’t rush anything, and the flow of the chords is curated to the microtone. The change in the middle is unexpectedly heavenly, and though it isn’t expected, its a taste you always wanted. Listen to this song on high quality stereo if you want to hear those layers working like a stream flowing into the sea. Oli Morris possesses the art of creating angelic music, no lyrics required.

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