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the cumberland river project - after the rain
the cumberland river project - after the rain

“After The Rain” by The Cumberland River Project Is a Resilient Country-Folk Work of Art

Presenting The Cumberland River Project, a musical journey that showcases age is no limit to pursuing your ambitions! Meet Frank Renfordt, the gifted man behind this true American country music success. After leaving behind a lucrative career in the steel industry, Frank’s passion for music took center stage, resulting in his debut self-titled album in 2020. From a young age, he embraced the blue-collar narrative and immersed himself in the soul of American music. His profound love for songwriting earned him recognition in American Songwriter Magazine’s competition.  Don’t miss the timeless melodies of The Cumberland River Project as they take the world by storm!

“After The Rain” is the latest single from The Cumberland River Project. It is a pleasing country-folk gem that feels like a gentle breeze on your skin. The musical composition is truly mesmerizing. “After The Rain” gets better with each passing second. It has an acquainted yet distinctly warm vibe.

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The vocals by Michelle Hoy radiate pure bliss and passion. She just carries the whole composition with such grace. The keys, riffs, and pleasant drum beats form a harmonious backdrop throughout the song. However, it was the saxophone passage at the 2:00 point that blew me away—it was the perfect touch that lifted the song to perfection.

“After The Rain” creates a rejuvenating atmosphere. It leaves you feeling revitalized, exactly like how you feel after a refreshing rain shower. The lyrics beautifully explore the concept of resilience, with the assurance that “after the rain, the grass is greener.” The song is a beacon of hope. It reminds us that even in the darkest of times, healing and a brighter tomorrow awaits.

“After The Rain” by Enjoy listening to “After The Rain” by The Cumberland River Project has to be your perfect go-to song for a much-needed lift of spirits, creating an uplifting journey that leaves you recharged and ready to take on the world.

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Enjoy listening to “After The Rain” by The Cumberland River Project here.

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