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Tainted Youth – The Prey | Cyberpunk

Tainted Youth are an electronic duo based out of London, with sounds that bend genres to create a style that is truly distinctive. With post-apocalyptic cyberpunk music at one end and classic hip-hop layered with sung (rather beautifully, I will add) vocals, their sound is the kind that you have to check out to truly be able to know and describe. Keep reading to discover the single, “The Prey” by Tainted Youth, and what my two cents are on the song, as a fan of their style and the whole cyberpunk genre.

The opening arpeggiated synth riff lays the perfect bedrock for the song and for all its elements that build on top. From the get-go, this song has groove and movement. Enter the classic bass synth and the marching-type beat and you immediately find your head bobbing. Just when you think you can get comfortable with this whole atmosphere, you’re thrown in for a rollercoaster with some old-school breakbeat/DnB style percussion layered with sung lyrics and harmonies. This later evolves into a full hip-hop base with a rather tasteful electric guitar riff playing in the sides of your ear to drive the message even further that these guys know what they’re doing– and are very, very good at it.

The song is well-mixed like it needs to be for a genre-bending sound like this– and here, the track delivers just right. There is ample movement in the mix, and excellent roominess to create the kind of atmosphere I’m sure Tainted Youth were going for with this track. Overall, I must say I’m impressed at the kind of stuff that Tainted Youth have going on in their minds, and how well they’re able to translate their ideas into reality. This is true for not only this song, but for their whole discography in general– and so far, I’m loving listening to them.

“The Prey” is an earworm to you, especially so if you’re a fan of this style of music. It’s definitely worth a listen! Check it out here-

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