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San T-Lord Poetry
San T-Lord Poetry
San T-Lord Poetry

San T shows us who deserves to be king with his Tamil hip-hop EP, “Lord Poetry”

The legend of San T is a special one. Rising from seemingly the underground of indie Tamil Hip-Hop, he has become a household name just like Broda V. Creating some lyrical flows that people can maybe only imagine, he has gone on to make some stunning collabs with juggernauts as well as underrated gems. His latest EP with Suppliers is called Lord Poetry. You don’t have to give him the crown, he’s already wearing it.

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The intro is a playful jab at hip-hop legends, who a regional layman might not know. San T kicks it in immediately after all the names are dropped, for his is the only one that matters. With his element in the mother tongue he is so proficient in, he drops bars like he works at a TMT factory. 

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I’m the topic around the town (ah), 

Uyaram poite irukka like the drone, 

Yaarum vena, Please leave me alone, 

Pennidam pesuna marum en tone

His ability as a multilingual rapper comes to his aid, as he flows around the beat with ease. The words are so laser sharp sometimes, the beat just fades away. Kazhivara drops a tight beat with which you groove along to. The word translates loosely to toilet-but the words he’s dropping are definitely not deuces. In the time of a little over 3 minutes, verse after verse cements his position in the game. A play on Lamar’s Humble, called Mumble, is the interlude. It has the same record scratch opening-and seems to be a throwaway track for San T. Humorous, lyrically sound and poetic observations are the haze of effect on this one. 

No Joke is more of an emotional number-displaying the true range of this wordsmith. He lets the beat and instrumental settle, with his surgical wordings bringing a kind of solace and satisfaction that a hip-hop legend could bring you. It leads to probably my favourite lines of this entire EP, being:

En soul energy marritu irukku to the .wav energy

Energy ah uruvakka azhikka mudiyathu

Naan uruvakkum energy ku azhive kedaiyathu

Call me Lord Poetry

Indeed, we will San T. The innate effect of being able to channel so many complex emotions, observations and rants together make for an entertaining collection of songs. He chooses to announce his homecoming with his closing track. Lord Poetry is where he infuses Tamil hip-hop with the trap beats that take over the world. It is a foreshadowing of what is to come from this brilliant lyricist and performer. You can read this Rolling Stone India feature on him as well here: https://rollingstoneindia.com/premiere-san-t-my-name-is-video-lord-poetry-ep-thara-local-pasanga/

Also, make sure you follow him on his socials: https://www.instagram.com/p/CtbgSCJSWQk/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link&igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

This is an artist you will hear or witness rarely. Listen to his EP here:

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