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Strawberry Cough- My Song 19 | Feel The Rush

The constantly-evolving Salt Lake-based indie-rock band Strawberry Cough thrives on a genre-defying sound. A few songs in, you’ll feel as though you’ve fallen into a musical rabbit hole and emerged somewhere far away from where you started, with elements from shoegaze bands like the Cocteau Twins, slowcore bands like Duster, and garage rock bands like the Strokes. This hardworking band has quickly established itself as one of the most loved local groups in the Salt Lake Music Scene. If Strawberry Cough has a defining characteristic, it’s that they’re not afraid to go all-in on their vision of what good music should be.

The quality of the music combined with the quality of the lyrics, along with the unique sound makes ‘My Song 19’ a great track. The lyrics are deeply personal, but the song has an upbeat, driving vibe to it. I love the guitar tone, the drumbeat, and the bass groove, which is an instant uplifter. ‘My Song 19’ has a great balance of instruments that all seem to blend beautifully together. With the unique guitar riffs, there will be no reason not to sing along with this song. One of my favorite aspects about the song is that it’s not just the same thing over and over, it changes and keeps you hooked the whole way through. This song evokes the feeling of being lost on a road trip with your friends, driving through the night, or completely enjoying yourself. Can’t wait to hear what the band has in store for us next.

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