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Steve Yanek-I Could Use A Little Rain
Steve Yanek-I Could Use A Little Rain
Steve Yanek-I Could Use A Little Rain

Steve Yanek-I Could Use A Little Rain | A shower of respite

Steve Yanek was technically a musician since when he walked up to that first Everly Brothers record he listened to. Following his pursuits and dreams for the better part of two decades, this artist has been releasing original, melodic music that is about the pauses in life. This one is about a long awaited break, I Could Use A Little Rain.

One of Akbar’s Navratnas, Tansen, could harness the energy of the elements through his music. Having the right chords, maybe even Steve Yanek could aim for that little respite. With the heat setting in and the chaos ensuing-we just need a moment to look out at the pearls of rain dancing down the window pane. The blues infused track has Steve on his honest, unedited vocals with creative control on how he manipulates the simple chorus. Everyone could take that break, and the rain is definitely welcome.

His long awaited album, Long Overdue is due this month. Steve Yanek is endlessly creative this way, inspired by the likes of McCartney III and singer-songwriters that have made a dent in his life of music, he plays all the instruments for this record. His last year’s single Summer Days has been very popular on Spotify, and we wish Steve Yanek’s music to reach our portable stereos as well.

Listen to Steve Yanek’s single till then:

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