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Oh My God! It's The Church-Revelations
Oh My God! It's The Church-Revelations
Oh My God! It's The Church-Revelations

Oh My God! It’s The Church-Revelations | Preach for the dollar

Fight the hate by showing the people who is pointing the finger. This band from the UK is no joke. Or it is. The band isn’t a joke, but they’re pointing out some pretty ridiculous epiphanies of religion. Sure, let’s disguise them as recent ones, the atheists were already in the engine room. Revelations is Oh My God! It’s The Church bringing back their hooks to make you forget about the dystopian divide that religion and politics causes. Come, forget it for a moment or two.

The opening track is a cacophony of gospel preaching, snippets and politicians saying things they definitely don’t regret, because self-realization is sadly rare. It is a build up with a bassline, and the drums layering the cacophony, making more sense to us than the gibberish being uttered. More than half the track is worth the crushing riff that comes in for a little more than 1 and a half minutes. Maybe Audioslave’s song by the same resonated on some level.

Armageddon On It shows the thought discrepancy of a preacher with their child, who frankly couldn’t care less. It is a reflection of a generational divide, where one focuses on the pile of horseshit in front of them and the other could go for some chips. A transition into a great track that comes in next.

Welcome To The Congregation has all the ingredients for gospel rock, but it isn’t the congregation you’re blessing with bread and wine. This is a funk rejuvenator, something that’s James Brown and maybe even Parliament just to do with the heavy dance vibe that it packs. The track is something you can thoroughly enjoy. Some say, the good part about church. Let those saxophones ride out their own suave.

Slave to money

Commercial Break 2 is an innovative piece of music, in a way. I would like to call it music because of its technicality, but explores Church themed religious interventions to how you should live your life. They’re interesting because of the varying background sounds, which is still the band playing, but acts as an interlude as well.

Everybody loves a little Righteous Brothers energy, but with pop infusion. Beautiful, engaging vocals collaborate with the smooth instrumentals, making this a cornice of this albums audience interaction. We’ve transcended several genres, and this goes straight to the heart. An impressive vocal performance by all parties involved.

The Record Label is a call from well, the record label. Let’s say a fictional one, one that puts what is called a “fair price” to your art. Your livelihood depends on listens and streams, and record sales. Record sales, something Gen Z must love to first know what it is. Oh My God! It’s The Church take time out of their schedule to answer this call, leading into one of their most popular singles.

Kiss My Apocalips is 80s rock revival at its best. From Scorpions to Def Leppard, you can hear your favorite bands here. It does the job, with pick slides, a rocking solid beat that gallops at moments and creates this tornado of sound which has been built by all those who love Satan. Ah, PMRC, how we miss you. Bang Bang (You Shot Me Down) is a cover of the Nancy Sinatra hit. Rock sourced in many ways, it becomes a stadium shaker in this track, with an implosion of sound and some great jazz organ. The power hasn’t gone unnoticed.

A break on the record

Experience the mundane consumerism of the Commercial Break 3. It is entertaining to hear the sad truth of these commercials, people’s lives becoming a live version of The Price is Right. The Message is the next track on queue, with simple, floating chords that build to a choir section and a message to preach. As the musical part of this journey continues in the background, the preacher never stops, rambling on in the foreground, where he shouldn’t be.

The Epilogue makes the piano a centerpiece while the vocals recite a beautiful prose. The last track on the album is the 7 minute epic, The Sinner. Opening with some harmonica ( I haven’t heard in forever), this track once again creates a stoner rock vibe. With the lyrics being the powerful divide they are, the song rocks. The vocals are addictive, the chorus is magnetic.

Oh My God! It’s The Church remind you that broken institutions are ok to veer away from. We don’t need to lock into hate, when we have this great music ringing out. Complete with social commentary and interesting snippets of audio, this is a project unlike any other, from a group unlike any other.

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