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Aggressive Soccer Moms - Darling
Aggressive Soccer Moms - Darling

Aggressive Soccer Moms – Darling

The dissonant harmony of Aggressive Soccer Moms a.k.a ASM is one for the books! Hailing from Sweden, the Lo-Fi post-punk duo fuse vintage horror themes with post-modern styles. In their new release, Darling, Aggressive Soccer Moms erect a mercurial canvas that albeit minimalistic, foretells wreckage as it drips with destitute emotions. Both Anders Bergström and Thomas Wahlström are veterans of the early punk movement of the late 70s. And this is evident in their intuitive style and high creativity. There is no one like them!

Darling is released as a double single with the duo’s earlier release, That’s How I Feel, featuring on the b-side. Both the songs are creative extensions of each other. They form the perfect loop, an abstract continuum that fit only into each other like soul mates.

The track is like a drug addict’s haze as he chases one high after the other. It awakens a sense of unchangeable resignation and hopelessness. Vibrating basslines, metallic percussion, and recurring touches of synths set the stage for the vocal reign.

The weight of the lyrics and emotive narration equilibrates the minimalistic soundscape. Throughout the track, the artists builds an atmosphere of morbidity and mystique, leaving us in the dark about its destiny. An electric guitar interlude carries the track to its end. Its marked Arabian sound profile, adding another mysterious twist to it.

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