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karmic neighborhood - i learned to forgive
karmic neighborhood - i learned to forgive

Karmic Neighborhood’s Heartfelt Alt-Pop Journey  “I Learned To Forgive” Explores the Power of Forgiveness

Karmic Neighborhood takes you on a musical journey unlike any other, portraying the story of two neighbors, Armand Ruby and Julian Colbeck, both in their 60s, who found their groove in life and music. Their unexpected meet on the central California coast resulted in an amazing collaboration in rhythmic alt-pop. They drew influence from their life journeys and mutual desire for musical creativity, forging a strong bond through their love of music. With Julian’s excellent musical career and Armand’s unwavering spirit, both found harmony in their life journeys, culminating in an exceptional musical partnership that touches the soul. Don’t miss out on this wonderful journey of music and friendship.

Karmic Neighborhood’s new alt-pop single “I Learned To Forgive” is out. It features an outstanding vocal performance that genuinely touches the soul. The honesty in the vocals is evident.  You can feel the emotions flowing through every word. The smooth pitch variations are just commendable.

The musical arrangement has a retro vibe, with the electric guitar, keys, and drum beats smoothly harmonizing to establish an organic soundscape. The ambient chorus provides a sense of serenity to the song. As the drum beats and electric guitar work their magic, hope and optimism surround the song. It eventually enticed me to sway to its rhythm. The lyrical aspect of the song is so profound and meaningful and one of the best aspects for me. It sends a strong message about forgiving others and how it can bring inner peace and liberation, even in the face of challenging circumstances.

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It is a story of perseverance, growth, and forgiveness’s impact on your life. Around 2:30, the music hits a crescendo, driving the emotional journey to new heights. The line “I learned to live” is a joyful and liberating experience. The vocals and chorus combine so elegantly. This part accentuates the meaningful lyrics and overall message of the song magically. “I Learned to Forgive” by Karmic Neighborhood is more than just a song. It’s a sincere anthem that speaks to the human experience and offers solace and inspiration to you.

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Enjoy listening to “I Learned to Forgive” by Karmic Neighborhood here.

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