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PolSky Executive Functions
PolSky Executive Functions
PolSky Executive Functions

PolSky’s ‘Executive Functions’ Is A Witty Catchy Synth-Infused Ode Of Indie Pop Rock

PolSky, the British alternative/indie group, takes inspiration from iconic acts like The Cure, Duran Duran, and Joy Division. Led by Kris Warren, who boasts experience in groups like Shadow Orchestra and BIB, PolSky’s latest album, “Executive Functions,” delves into several complex themes with wit while delivering a collection of great synth indie rock pop songs that captivate listeners from start to finish.

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From its inception from bedroom production, PolSky has evolved into a fully-formed, energetic pop band, and “Executive Functions” embodies this transformation. The band’s lineup, including Senior Synth Architect Ben Warn on keyboards, Rhythm Logistics Engineer Alex Robertson on drums, and Low Frequency Systems Analyst Chris Norman on bass, showcases their meticulous approach to crafting unique musical experiences.

The album begins with “Switchboard Operator,” an indie alternative rock anthem infused with electronic elements. The eclectic synths in the chorus elevate the beat, making it an instant head-bobbing favorite. “Rounds” follows suit with its mid-tempo synth pop rock vibe, characterized by exceptional synth lines and engaging vocal harmonies. The catchy chorus further solidifies its place as a standout track.

“100 Million Ways to Die” boasts an impressive intro of guitar and bass riffs, setting the stage for an upbeat rock anthem. The hypnotic bass in “Culture” pays homage to influences like Joy Division and The Smiths, drawing listeners into a mesmerizing musical journey. “Song for the Silver Surfer” slows the tempo down with a soft rock ballad, creating a sentimental atmosphere that culminates in a cinematic outro. The brief yet charming instrumental “Apopalypse Now (Ode to Cracky)” serves as a delightful transitional piece.

“Halcyon Daze” exudes a wacky indie rock charm while incorporating delightful synth pop elements. Its super catchy nature will have you bobbing and tapping your feet instinctively, thanks to the infusion of dance-pop elements. “Cupboard Love” delivers an uptempo indie pop rock experience with shining elements in the chorus, leaving a lasting impression on listeners. “Nimbus Cumulus” continues the soft rock vibes with an emotive vocal performance that resonates deeply. The album concludes with “Rainbow Road,” a track that combines retro synth sounds with catchy percussion. Drawing influences from ABBA and alternative pop rock, PolSky once again displays their mastery of blending genres.

“Executive Functions” is an outstanding example of retro synth pop meets indie alternative rock, bearing hints of New Age Synth Rock throughout. The album brilliantly merges the spirits of The Smiths, Stone Roses, and Tears For Fears, creating a unique and refreshing listening experience.

PolSky’s ability to craft upbeat, catchy songs while poking fun at various themes like about corporate zombies, elderly love affairs, brain function, and video game addiction. They combined musical prowess and playful charisma for this end. “Executive Functions” is not just an album; it’s an invitation to join PolSky on a journey of embracing their manifesto, living their ethos, and dancing to their infectious rhythms.

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