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J Cru's Glonky
J Cru's Glonky
J Cru's Glonky

Glonky, the latest single by LA-based hip-hop duo J Cru will surely make you dance the night away with its sick grooves!

The latest single by LA, USA-based hip-hop duo J Cru, Glonky, is a sheer mic drop track in the electronic hip-hop genre. J Geezy and J Smitty are two individuals who crosse each others’ paths by chance back during their freshman year. It also used to be a time when both of them were freestyling almost frequently at California’s Killifer Park, Orange. They soon became friends and formed their duo, which is what J Cru is about. The most notable factor is that the pair have been together since then and is still going strong.

Glonky, J Cru’s latest single, is a track that does not boast a complicated composition, yet it blows your mind with the perfection in executing the simple musical elements with sheer greatness. This song features female rapper Inji, who adds an excellent twist with her skillful rap that takes the song to a whole new level. The classic synth bass notes hook you right from the start and keep you in a trance throughout the track, and its intricate chops and groove changes. The overall production of J Cru’s Glonky is supreme, and once you listen to it, you will definitely wish to keep playing it on repeat.

So, tune in to this hard-hitting, groovy new single by J Cru and have an amazing listening experience. You can listen to Glonky here:

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