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Indie R&B musician Squid the Kid releases his new single “Getaway”

Squid the Kid is a young and very talented artist from Southeast Melbourne. The 24-year singer/songwriter is gaining popularity due to his unique blend of hip-hop and R&B music. Dropping out of school to pursue what he does best, shows his dedication and passion. Squid the Kid is already bursting the music scene in Melbourne and is now on Spotify too. 

Debuting with a single called “Wintertime”, Squid the Kid has now released multiple singles and all of them have been a huge success. His latest single “Getaway” featuring Infuschia, Nesh is yet another R&B track infused with a modern hip-hop sound. Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail. 

The song starts with a pad and vocals followed by a drum beat. The pads feel classic and vintage style with amazing vocals of Squid and some drums filling in the spaces. The beat slowly rises up till a drop and lifts up the song. The bass and drums create a good funky groove blending fine with the rap-style vocals of Squid. The melody is very fun and colorful which makes you want to shake your head to the beat and sing the song. The production is also top-notch and minimalistic as every element is perfectly used and placed. 

“Getaway” is a fun house party song that everyone would love listening to. Squid the Kid has just started the journey of phenomenal music like “Getaway” and he will continue to do so. 

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