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Sano Hill – Dancer | Emotional
Sano Hill – Dancer | Emotional

Sano Hill – Dancer | Emotional 

Sano Hill is an ardent singer, songwriter, and musician from Galway, Ireland. Sano is no stranger to the music scene in Galway and is quite famous among locals. Apart from being a local superstar, Sano has quite a presence on Spotify. The singer/songwriter releases songs quite frequently and has gained a huge audience on Spotify. 

With a unique blend of rock and folk, Sano has gained the attention of radio stations and magazines all over Ireland. He has released four singles to date, all super successful. “Dancer” is his 5th and latest single. Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail. 

The song starts with a very emotional melody on piano with cellos filling in the cinematics. Soon an acoustic guitar enters making the song even more tense and sad. The intro is short and perfect for an emotional ballad. The wonderful vocals of Sano enter with full power and carry the song forward. The melody is beautifully written giving deep emo vibes. The chorus brings in some groove with the entry of claps and drums. The song progresses to be this wonderful heartbreak song but with the touch of Orchestral feels. It is so important for you to listen to the song till the end as it has got a surprise for the listener. Sano Hill does not fail to astonish us with the perfect ending and delivery. 

“Dancer” is a classic you should not miss listening to. Sano Hill is a phenomenal artist who creates the music you want. 

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