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Ryan David Orr – How Long | Groovy and Funky
Ryan David Orr – How Long | Groovy and Funky

Ryan David Orr – How Long | Groovy and Funky 

Ryan David Orr is an ardent singer, songwriter, guitarist, and composer from Portland, Oregon. As a child, Ryan was always intrigued by music and has some flashbulb memories like listening to Tom Waits’s music or his father’s hip-hop vinyl collection or singing backing vocals on his mother’s folk album. These memories made Ryan fall in love with music and it shows how passionate he is about his art. 

Ryan David Orr started learning guitar when he moved to Tennessee as a teen. Playing Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Led Zeppelin. He is now an amazing artist and has developed a very unique style of music. He debuted with an album called “My Fair February Notable Shimmer & Grin” in 2007 and has released several singles and albums. He is back with yet another masterpiece called “How Long”. Let’s talk about the song in detail. 

The song starts with a wobbly and funky pad and chord progression on a guitar and bass followed by a groovy drum beat. The intro continues for a few bars then the vocals of Ryan David Orr make an entrance. The smooth way the vocals are sung is just heart-melting. The melody sounds exotic and dreamy and follows the funky chord progression. A minor-sounding chord kick in the chorus with Ryan’s amazing vocals setting the stage on fire. The song changes to a joyful major key in the bridge section, making an obvious difference between the bridge and the rest of the song. The song turns back to its original grooviness and ends with a wonderful guitar solo. 

Ryan David Orr is a phenomenal artist with great talent and passion for music. “How Long” is must listen masterpiece by Ryan and is highly recommended to stream it once. 

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