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Joshua Ketchmark – No Stopping Us |Soulful
Joshua Ketchmark – No Stopping Us |Soulful

Joshua Ketchmark – No Stopping Us |Soulful 

Joshua Ketchmark is an ardent singer, songwriter, and guitarist based in Nashville, Tennessee. Joshua has been rocking the music scene in Tennessee for a long time and has written hundreds of songs. He is a storyteller, sharing the experiences of his life and past through songs. 

Joshua has created a strong audience on Spotify as his songs hit thousands of streams. He has released several singles and 4 albums, one of which is his latest creation “Blood”. Having collaborated with dozens of artists to make “Blood” come to life, the process of writing began way back in 2018. 

Since its release “Blood” has been well received by Joshua’s audience and the song that got my attention is the first track, “No Stopping Us”. Let’s talk about the song in detail. 

The song starts with a soft rock riff on acoustic guitar with lots of dynamics. Soon the vocals kick in with bass and a soft organ that gives a lot of feel to the song. The song lifts up in the chorus when the drums kick in with full power and energy. The chorus is catchy and beautiful and forces the listener to sing along. Joshua talks about a car that he got from his father and it impacted his life. My most favorite part of the song is right after the bridge. A small build-up of the actual riff and voicing on that riff is simply spectacular. 

“No Stopping Us” is a perfect and wonderful track for road trips with your friends. A song to sing along to and enjoy to the fullest. 

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