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Arxion - Essence
Arxion - Essence

Arxion – Essence

Slovenian singer-songwriter, producer, and artist, Arxion makes sonic masterpieces that inspire a world of twin ray soul mates. Largely swayed by the connections of pure love between a man and a woman, Arxion has released his first full length album called Essence, in which he explores the irrevocable ties of emotion, affection, compassion, and love that bind two souls together. The twelve song album was intuitively composed, showing off avant garde arrangements, and a duality of contemporary and vintage sonics. 

Essence is your 12-track, full length debut album! Congratulations! It’s truly a unique piece of work, an exposition of the true love between a man and woman. What about this theme compels you to euphonize it for your audience?

I name my style »bright love pop«. The music will appear to a listener just as common pop, however, its foundation is best described by the term from a spiritual world – »twin rays«. For me, what is called »spiritual« is far more real than this reality, and the unbreakable bond between a woman and a man is the core. This is what I am trying to translate into my music.

Candyman starts off the album on an upbeat note. With a foot-tapping rhythm, angled vocals, shadows of electronic harmonies, and dynamic synths, the track immediately stands out, an outlier, a genius in the making. Run for Love has a retro-vintage aura, an exuberant display of disco synths and an inevitable beat rhythm that represents the irreversible feeling of falling in love. 

The resonance of your sound is unlike any other, especially with respect to song construction, textures, and arrangements. Can you please tell us a little about your artistic process?

The first composition that I created was when I was about ten and I presented it to my accordion teacher. After that, various songs were constantly playing in me. I could only hope that  someday I would be able to realize them. That day came with the arrival of Roland SCC-1 sound card which contained realistic sounds. It is a standard MIDI GM/GS set of sounds, but I was combining different sounds thoroughly, until they matched a particular song. I was not trying to create something new or different, my music is just a pure transcription of how I feel.

A string of beats connect the album, song to song. The vibrant beats are the machinations that drive the songs to their towering climaxes. Just So You Know is the next song. Its stomping beat imprints have ionic metallic contours. As the smoky synths disperse into the soundscape, wisps of trumpet melodies accentuate and appeal. Shut Down starts at a moment’s notice, formed out of thin air, its high energy pierces through the seams. It has a swaying rhythm, a memorable and feel-good song. 

Who are some of the artists that you draw inspiration from?

It’s not so much the artists than the particular styles and songs that affected me, but in general I like melodic, energetic, uplifting songs carrying a particular vibration, which I cannot quite describe. I will leave it up to the listeners to decide if my music resembles someone else’s.

Only One True One is a complete time capsule. The hardcore retro beat interludes, lines of laser synths, and overarching disco rhythm makes for a bouncy exposé. Catchy and addictive, the next song, Watching Watching, has fine rock textures. With wires of basslines flaming through the domino vocals, we are taken through frames of rippling synths, and boxy beats. 

 We want to get to know the person beneath the art! Please tell us a little about yourself and your journey with music.

Album Essence was created  in a really, really long time along with 36 other songs, which have instrumentals already completed and are waiting to be released. It’s not hard to guess that it was also about a personal transformation. I chose the title »Essence« for a very strong reason. In that period, although not intentionally , my outer contacts were limited to a minimum, and that amplified my inner contact. On top of that, I created all my music, from compositions and lyrics to master recordings, along with the related content (cover art, videos) completely by myself. I even had to explain to my distributor how I created the instrumentals. They were assuming that I was using someone else’s, because only my name was appearing through the production.

Words Keep Running and Sounds Keep Falling has a free falling rhythm. Raining down on us, the neon synths and hailing beats are perfect to dance to. The next song, Tell Me Show Me, has a shimmering soul/R&B vibe. The illuminated soundscape sparkles an astounding silver as it glimmers through the vocals, slow beats, and breezing harmonies. 

What do you want your listeners to take away from this album?

We all know that in music it’s the feeling, the vibration that sends the message. I encourage the listeners to try to grasp that aspect. Let me just hint that it’s bright, strong and simple, just as the bond between a woman and a man is in its essence.

And Now has zigzagging synths, sizzling basslines, and simple vocals. Its eccentric arrangement fits into the modus operandi of the artist as seen in the previous songs. Leading us into the final quarter of the album is Ring a Dong. With its smooth textures and glistening transitions, the song is an exhilarating canvas. 

Please tell us about some of the projects/explorations that you have lined up for the near future!

Depending on the success of Essence and other circumstances, I have two LPs and three EPs firmly set to be released. The thread will be the same as now, also the mood – melodic, energetic and uplifting, but the styles will differ quite significantly – let that stay a secret for now.

Penultimately, we have, Overboard. The imploding beats and vintage synths are reminiscent of 80s emo disco. And finally, we have Lady Delight. A serenading grace with worshiping lyricism, feel good synths and a dilated rhythm. The thumping basslines and beats overwhelms the soundscape with emotion and bliss. 

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