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Luna Keller – The Philosopher
Luna Keller – The Philosopher

Luna Keller – The Philosopher | The Dilemma of The Logician

The Philosopher is a timeless, acoustic number with uncompromising lyrics from Luna Keller. Its defined by the soft vocals of the singer-songwriter, that opens up vulnerably. 

The musician sings of the unknowingness of being a philosopher. While he’s always looking for curious question, and it seems that his pursuit ends there. He sometimes fails to see the answers before him, suggesting his interests are towards his own contemplations. And Luna Keller gently reminds you, sometimes people are lost when they philosophise. They’re seeking meaning, but to expect that they’d find your efforts helpful could be a little delusional. She urges her friend, to whom she is singing, to be selfish enough to let go of something unfulfilling. 

Luna Keller is a European artist whose music has been features on Radio Stations across the world, TV series, hundreds of Youtube Videos and much more. She’s been a calm force creating comforting art in the whirlpool of the outrageous. Her unique storytelling technique has been developed over her childhood where music was her companion. She grew up in Spain while most of her family was in Germany. The multi-cultural influences shaped her methodology to focus on the core and ethos, over what’s trendy. 

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