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aykiyah runaway
aykiyah runaway

aykiyah – runaway (Ft. Jhune La)

runaway by aykiyah is the latest single from the Afro Pop artist. The song has influences of R&B and Hip-Hop in the sound, and in the singer’s delivery. The two artists featured on the track have very different vocals as well. This bring another layer into the production of the track.

The song opens with a soothing piano arrangement. Very soon the Afroswing beats join in to give the track a distinct flavor. The mixing is done masterfully, where the melodies work together right on the beat to create a cohesive sound. The song runaway is about a broken relationship. The singer aykiyah is giving her all to the relationship but all she receives in return is hurt and dejection. With time, it reminds her why she is a runaway – because she cannot be in such an unhappy union. It is anthem of self confidence, and reminds the listener to always keep their worth first and everything else second.

aykiyah is a 20-year old singer-songwriter based out of Los Angeles, California. She loves to jam with other artists, and that is probably how this collaboration with Jhune La came about. Apart from runaway, aykiyah has some applauded indie hits under her belt. Her American Afro-Pop and Afroswing take on music already make the young musician stand out. With her own style already defined at such a young age, she is likely to reign supreme in the years to come!

Listen to runaway by aykiyah (Featuring Jhune La) here:

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