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Satchit – Lilac Screen | Distorted Freedom

Lilac Screen from Satchit is an alt-RnB song that intends to draw attention to the distorted reality peddled by arguers for subjective journalism. Complicated as this subject is, media freedom is a double-edged sword. Free speech is described as a tenant of democracy. However, it often stifles the voices of those who need to be heard the most in our post-modern world.

London-based Satchit explores these themes in his latest, self-produced track Lilac Screen – and the production really deserves a moment here. Firstly, the song opens with a quote from Amal Clooney, a human rights lawyer, and activist, that captures what motivated the song. Further, Satchit has a soft, husky voice which works brilliantly for the genre of RnB. The beats on the song are experimental, with layers of synth, distortion, and percussion. 

The chorus repeats that people are gullible enough to believe the sky is lilac-pink if the media announces it. Lilac Screen, the title, then is a comment on the unreliability of media when everything is tinted in biased hues. In his verses, the artist makes it clear that he understands the broader sentimental impact this fake journalism has on populations and generations. Finally, with a composition as contemporary and informed, Satchit implores RnB traditions of authenticity and emotionality.

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