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Space Cowboy Newt - The Mild West
Space Cowboy Newt - The Mild West

Space Cowboy Newt – The Mild West | Serenely Melancholic

Space Cowboy Newt (aka Emma Newton) is an Indie Synth Pop musician based in Massachusetts. Currently enrolled at the ever-famous Berklee College of Music, the Newt shows exceptional knowledge of music theory. Additionally, they write, record, mix, engineer, produce, perform and master all the music themself. Space Cowboy Newt has just dropped their latest EP, The Mild West. With 4 tracks that span just over 15 minutes, it is perfect to just kick back and drift away to the soothing tones.

Kicking the EP off on Olivetree, we have a track that is so dreamy, ethereal even, that you can lose yourself to it. The synth melody is heavenly, light and serene. The percussions keep things light, but groovy —Jazzy indeed. Newt’s voice is clear, powerful and versatile. Moreover, she creates a vibe that lifts you out of your chair and into a dream world that is free from evil. However, the lyrics themself are rather grim and bleak. It’s rather interesting how the melancholia really seeps through. I can’t leave the magical harp right at the end that adds to this effect. It’s like in cartoons when someone actually drifts away into a dream.

The next track, Goodnight Dandelion follows suit with this dreamy, light texture. You find yourself moving along to something that sounds vaguely familiar. It sounds a tad bit like The Beatles’ Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, but that may just be me. Much like Foster The People and Turnover, she crafts a dreamy, light sound with dark, negative lyrics. However, Space Cowboy Newt knows exactly what to do with such spaces — filling them in with her lovely vocal textures. The light strings will never cease to lift my spirits. The song sounds rather hopeful, but is flat-out melancholic, depressed even.

Looking Down at the Earth reminds me of The Ink Spots but extremely contemporary. The light textures are, indeed, what keeps things moving forward. The beat, slow, melancholic, and even soothing keep everything in fluidic motion. The harp arpeggio and synth are simply to die for. Space Cowboy Newt has such a brilliant, mellifluous voice that takes all your worries away. At about halfway through the track, the picks up and has a more Pop approach that really gets your foot tapping. However, the track is so versatile, so dynamic, that you find yourself slowing down just as much as you speed up. The balance is truly immaculate.

The final track on The Mild West EP, I’m Still Not Blooming, is a much calmer, sombre track. Newt’s voice is accompanied by a lonely synth piano for the first few bars until the harmonies kick in, still melancholic. This track takes everything down and really hits you in the feels. It’s expressive, emotional, authentic, and honest. The lyrics really tug on your heartstrings as you feel all the emotions Space Cowboy Newt expresses. Her voice is versatile, expressive and extremely dynamic. The fact that this track has fewer elements in it than the rest of the EP and still conveys stronger emotion speaks volumes.

Space Cowboy Newt is truly an experienced musician with so much to offer the world. If you love the Indie Spacey Synth Pop vibe, then this is surely the extended play album for you.

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