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Bosola-Ophelia Headstrong
Bosola-Ophelia Headstrong
Bosola-Ophelia Headstrong

Bosola-Ophelia Headstrong | Musician magic

They might have made a part of the world shake with their debut EP. Their single releases have been near perfect, with a joyous, implosive energy to the tracks. From your favorite borough in England come Bosola, an alt-rock band that bares all, says all. Their latest single is Ophelia Headstrong. It has quite a bit of fairy dust in it.

If anyone can merge the simplicity of punk with the idiosyncrasies of alt-rock in the indie scene, its Bosola. From their EP How Sick I Became Running From Myself, they have continually tried to mix it up and give us thunder time and time again. That is, all of the sound, none of the flash. Ophelia Headstrong is no less. With a solid framework of power chords, Bosola make their chants personal, punchy and having quite the penchant for the dramatics in sound. This track reminds you of when a group is adamant on putting quality out instead of tons of albums a year.

The long winded bridges between chorus parts lets the progression marinate for quite some time so that you really feel it. In a pub setting, I’m filling up that space with lyrics for sure. Discarding the flashy habit of solos being peppered across the track, Bosola knows their strength lies in the connection the song makes to the people. Like the acoustic nature of Soil and Dust just changes trajectory, these guys know how to make a rhythm stick. As said on the track title, they’re headstrong for you to hear the sound of your life.

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