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Fish and Scale – Rumi Says | Motivational Spirit

Today we take a look at the single “Rumi Says” by German artist Fish and Scale. “Rumi Says” is the ninth track from the artist’s 2021 album – “You Can Call Me Love”. Known for his meditative and moving style of writing music, Fish and Scale, aka Roland Wälzlein, shares his journey of self-reflection through his songs. Going through a life and death experience as a young child changed the artist’s perception of life, and he sums up his journey through his music for the world to hear his story. His latest release is a soothing indie-folk song with a mysterious touch, as Roland likes to describe it; quite different from the mainstream songs out there nowadays, so let’s take a listen.

The almost six-minute-long track begins with some soothing chimes and pads that make way for the artist’s emotive vocals – “Rumi says what you seek is seeking you / I see my beauty in you”. An acoustic guitar blends in nicely with the bright, yet soft percussive elements to support the lead melody. Each instrument seems to grow around Roland’s voice and there’s a very meditative, hopeful atmosphere present right from the start.

“Whatever you are whatever you do be in love / Everything in the universe is within you“. Roland’s experience as a songwriter over the years shows that he’s very honest when it comes to writing lyrics. He seems to be inspired by Rumi here and his lyrics are very deep and moving. He delivers a powerful performance throughout and sings melodies that are bound to stay in your head long after your first listen! As the track progresses, there’s a smooth build-up of energy coming from the uplifting rhythm and piano melodies.

It’s great how all the elements fuse together so cohesively in the track. With such a clear mix, it’s an absolute pleasure to listen to “Rumi Says”. It’s one of those songs that pick you up when you’re down or when you’re feeling low and need some motivation. Roland sure knows how to reel his listeners in!

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