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HVIRESS - Golden Apple | Mystical Entity 
HVIRESS - Golden Apple | Mystical Entity 

HVIRESS – Golden Apple | Mystical Entity 

HVIRESS, a band that has always believed in creating unconventionally authentic music and bringing forth melodies that are dark and sinister, has released their brand new single, Golden Apple. With this fresh number, they are solidifying their image as authentic music artists, even further. 

Golden Apple starts off with an uncanny yet soft melody that almost has a hallucinating effect on its listeners. And then it goes on to become something that you cannot define. To begin with, I would say, it’s a mix of evil and holy. This track has a broad spectrum of undertones. In one instant, the music feels soft to the ears, while in the other, it becomes a dark and mysterious affair. The lyrics are a pretentious monologue spoken with a Godlike complex. The subtly haunting and almost elevating lyrics come off as intimidating. With music that’s a mix of magic and mystery, powerful imagery can be easily created. 

The best thing about Golden Apple is its rich artistic undertones. Even on your first listen, you will be able to tell where the greatness of this track lies. It’s in the artists’ capability of mixing unconventional with simple, good with evil. HVIRESS as a duo has that much-needed compatibility that is needed to create music that has a bit of everything. From lyrics and authentic style of music to perfectly measured vocals, Golden Apple has so much to offer. 

If you are looking for something that soothes your ears while also giving you a perfect mystical retreat, Golden Apple is the song you should listen to! With its mystical and subliminal undertones, a lot of things would come to the surface. 

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