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Only Bricks - Smile, It’s Over :) | Bittersweet 
Only Bricks - Smile, It’s Over :) | Bittersweet 

Only Bricks – Smile, It’s Over :) | Bittersweet 

Only Bricks is a Santa Monica based indie-pop duo that thrives on creating music that celebrates that oneness as a couple. No matter what the song is about, they always manage to add a bit of freshness and joviality in their tracks. And this is precisely what their fans adore the most about them. Well, this time there’s no exception. With their stunning recently released single; Smile, It’s Over :), they have managed to stir a wave of appreciation yet again. 

Smile, It’s Over :), to start with, has nuances of a classic Tailor Swift closure song. Moreover, Only Bricks has combined fine jovial beats with Anne DiGioVanni’s soft vocals to bring forth something that manages to lift your spirits with excellent ease. Some power-packed guitar notes by Joseph Lewczak add an extra charm and perfectly complement the track’s vibrant energy. Smile, It’s Over :), with its tremendous versatility, could be anything you want it to be, a dancefloor number, a closure song you play on a long car ride, or a unique upbeat element to your “heartbreak” playlist. With some classic pop textures, this song feels like a mainstream track that can be the next TikTok sensation. 

Speaking of the music, this song by Only Bricks is fast-paced, uplifting, and groovy. The lyrics talk about moving on from something terrible and starting afresh. The song makes a fine go at making you focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. The blunt, almost harsh words addressed to the ex-lover would work like magic in making you feel in charge of your emotions. The past may have been a difficult ride but now that it’s done and over, it’s time to forge ahead. Through these consoling lyrics and music that fills up your soul, Only Bricks makes sure you get an instant boost of serotonin. 

Only Bricks with their new single Smile, It’s Over 🙂 would add vigorous energy around you and make you want to listen to it on repeat. Overall, it’s a classic pop single that will look great on your “upbeat” playlist. 

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