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Missingno. – You_Know.
Missingno. – You_Know.

Missingno. – You_Know. | Dazzle Night

“You_Know.” is the latest dazzling nocturnal single by Akron, Ohio-based alternative Hip-hop and R&B artist “Missingno.” The single artwork features a hand imprint on some brown paper. Seasoned gamers or fans of “digital pocket monsters” might know that the name Missingno. is derived from a glitch in the original Pokemon game. Likewise, Brooklyn-born and Dallas-raised artist incorporates retro video game-based samples and elements which might remind one of Nintendo games. These aspects combined with contemporary pop and r&b make some sweet compelling music.

This song is the perfect combination of laid-back vibes and intense energy that will get your heart pumping. The beat has a nice slow tempo which gives it an airy feel while still having enough punch to keep the listener engaged throughout. The songwriting is really catchy with the clever musical and beat flow that will make you ponder and absorb each time you listen. If you’re a fan of dark R&B and hip-hop music, then you have to check out “You Know” by Missingno.

A well-made dark R&B/hip-hop song is captivating, soulful, and intense. It has a deep, driving beat and powerful, evocative lyrics. The music is rich and layered, with dynamic production and mesmerizing vocal performance. It is a perfect blend of genres that creates an unforgettable listening experience. This song is something exceptional and unique in its vibe. The signature style and soundscape by Missingno. stands out from other songs in the genre. Overall, if you’re looking for some new music to add to your playlist then I highly recommend giving “You_Know.” by “Missingno.” a listen! The depths of the production and the pondering vine will keep bringing you back to the song waiting for us to discover each time around with each listen.

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